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pre reqs from Different places?

  1. 0 Hi All,
    I have a bunch of pre reqs to do and based on availibility need to do some at quincy college and some at bunker hill- has anyone had an issue with transfering credits from two different colleges? I know Bunker Hill credits transfer easily enough, has anyone done any pre reqs at Quincy and had them transfer easily too?
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    I'm not sure about Quincy College, but I transferred courses from 4 different colleges into my RN to BSN program. Hopefully this is my LAST undergrad degree
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    I hear ya!
    I'm desperately hoping to be able to apply in Nov 2014 for the following year but I am out of country Jan-April so only have the summer term to get pre reqs done...which is impossible since I basically need to do all of them. I was a psych major in my past life but of oucrse, have EVERY pysch course under the sun except growth and development! I was thinking I could definitely manage that and nutrition online somewhere but would need to be around for not sure how to do that!

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