PCA/LNA jobs in MA.

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    Right now I currently work as an LNA in a hospital in NH and may possibly be moving to MA next year. Right now I'm just getting a feel of what the job market is right now for PCAs and LNAs. Of the jobs that I have seen at major Boston hospitals (Mass General for example) ask that their PCAs be able to do EKGs, phlebotomy, urinary cath skills, IV skills among other things. This is not necessarily tasks that an LNA in NH does. I have also briefly looked at classes at community colleges in MA and haven't found any classes that offer these skills. Is this something that is usually learned through on the job training, or are there classes that actually offer to teach these kind of skills. Any information would be really helpful. Thanks.
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    Brigham and Women's Hospital hires a lot of PCAs. They teach a lot of skills during orientation. However, PCAs do not draw blood or any IV skills. Do you have any other questions?
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    Thanks ~newRN for replying. I don't have any questions at this time, but do you mind if I PM you if I come up with any more?