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    I was hoping that you all could give me an idea of the RN pay rate in Boston. I have a few years acute care experience but I am clueless as to what a decent pay rate is here. Thanks for your help!

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    It depends on the hospital. The union hospitals, by and large, pay better than the non-union hospitals. I have been at my job for 4 1/2 years and I make $31 and change/hr. I work for a non-union hospital.
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    My friend is a new grad in Boston making 27 an hour plus differentials at a full-time job. Also was offered an 28 an hour per diem (no benefits at a different facility).
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    I work at a union hospital so pay depends on experience. I started at $31 as a new grad.
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    I'm a new grad (less than a year in practice) and I make $30 and change.
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    I work 40 minutes outside Boston and started at $28.75 with almost 3 years of experience.

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