Massasoit CC-Looking for Human Growth & Devel book

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    hey guys, just seeing if anyone has this book from last semester and where would i get it from? i need it for this summer ii session. i'm in boston...let me know if you want to get rid of it.
    thanks in advance
    • [color=#808080]author:rathus
    • [color=#808080]edition:2nd 12
    • [color=#808080]publisher:cengage l
    • [color=#808080]isbn:9781111519827
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    Im taking this summer 2 as well. go to rent it cheaper with free shipping both ways
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    I found it on their website. You can rent it for $22.59! I love this site, and rent all my books from them. Free shipping both ways and you are allowed to highlight and mark in them. (Just can't go super crazy)
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    Wow, this is a great site. Thanks so much for that Luckily I got the book from a friend who took it last semester at Mass Bay! I will keep this site in mind for the future though!
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