MA/CT Direct entry MSN and accelerated BSN programs

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    I am planning on pursuing nursing once I finish up my bachelors degree next spring. I live in MA now, so I'm mainly looking into schools in MA/CT/RI/NH although I would be willing to relocate if necessary. I'm wondering for those who have been accepted, what were your stats like? I had a rough start for college, but have had between a 3.6 and 3.85 gpa for the last 3 semesters. However, that only brings my cumm. to a 3.2 with two semesters remaining (as well as the pre-reqs). I have been involved in many student organizations, and am currently employed full-time doing direct care to individuals with mental illness. What school's would I have the best shot at for either absn or de msn? Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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    just make sure you keep your GPA up and try to get all A in your pre-req. northeastern has a new online program no GRE required. MGH is a good one as well

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