January New grad RN programs

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    Does anyone know of any hospitals that usually have or will be having a winter new grad program? I know its a little early for them to be posted so I figured I'd ask here so I don't miss the app deadlines!

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    Sorry you haven't got any replies ;(, I know Mass General New Grad program was Aug 27th which sucks because I didn't know that UNTILL I emailed the DON, she told me that they won't be hiring new grads till Next year Aug ;( if you hear anything throw it my way
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    Ps Good Luck!!!
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    The only other one I know is the VA program and they also are geared to May grads. Be prepared these programs get hundred of apps for a few spots.
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    Don't waste your time with MGH. There are thousands of applicants. Saints Memorial in Lowell has a new grad program and I think a hospital around the Framingham area has one as well.
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    I called Saint Memorial (LGH) and they said they will Not be hiring any new grads anytime soon, she specified that they really DON'T hire new grads. It's tough out there but stay focused and don't give up, we will find something!

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