Healthbridge Facilities

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    I was just offered a position at a Healthbridge run facility in Randolph, anyone have any expirience with Healthbridge? I have mostly Hospice & Home care expirience, they seemed very eager to get me to sign on after 1 interview......

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    Any luck? Did u take it? What's it like...thanks
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    RUN! The Boston globe recently did a story about them. Having taken the job and seeing first hand what goes on in their Randolph & Weymouth facilities, the globe was being kind. The cna's openly talk about patient neglect and are weary from reporting it to the administration. Healthbridge is also has labor problems in Connecticut after they terminated employee's and then rehired them with lower wages and no benefits. They are owned by Careone LLC in New Jersey..... RUN!!!
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    Thanks for the info...I'm wondering if the healthbridge in Houston is affiliated? It says a part of nexus healthcare...??

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