Have you taken MGHIHP pre-reqs through them?

  1. 0 Hi everyone, I'm starting my pre-reqs next week (local MA comm coll), I have a BA in English and MS in Counseling. I really only have my sights set on MGHIHP ABSN program, I know I *should* look at other programs, but it's the only one I'm really interested in. I'm shooting for a July 2014 application.

    I was wondering, if anyone has taken any pre-reqs through MGHIHP that also got accepted there? Is there any advantage do you think to taking courses through them as opposed to somewhere else?
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    You gain experience with the faculty and computer system. You may get more in-depth knowledge on the topics.

    Likely pay (quite) a bit more for it and the class itself may be a bit harder than the local CC.
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    I took all my prereqs at Quincy College and was accepted to MGH. If money is not an issue, then I say go for it but I do not think it necessarily gives you a leg up. I think the grades you receive matter more.
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    If you haven't taken chemistry, I would recommend taking it at mghihp since you can get the requirement done in one semester instead of 3. Otherwise, I don't think it makes a difference.

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