1. Hello,
    I was wondering if any one else has applied for GTL Lpn program for this fall 2012-13. I passed my entrance exam also went for my interveiw. I am waiting on my acceptance letter didnt know if any one else had recived one yet?
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  3. by   nmuniz

    I was accepted for the LPN evening class for this fall. Did you apply for the day or night program?
  4. by   vitiana
    hello everyone, i'm trying to apply for LPN at Greater Lowell for the fall 2013, i was just wondering if i take the first entrance test in nov 2012, does it garanteed me a place if I do well? Can I do by January if I'm in or not ? thanks to help
  5. by   bluemoon23
    its easy to go in or they have waiting list i am planning to apply can u give me more details how they work