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    Asking for a friend moving into greater Boston from a southern state with a much lower cost of living--and lower pay rates-- than MA.

    What is an appropriate base rate to ask for when interviewing for trauma/progressive care positions with a BSN and 3-4ish years of experience in a similar seting?

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    When I left my hospital job last year, I was making $31 and change an hour with 4 1/2 years experience. That was at a non-union hospital in Boston proper. I know union hospitals paid significantly more than that and I had a friend at another non-union hospital in Boston who was making either $32 or $33/hr base with the same amount of experience as me.
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    With a BSN and 4 years experience at a big union hospital I would think mid-30's an hour starting without differential.
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    Depends if it's union...expect approx $28.75/29.50 in metro Boston and $32ish in the city.

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