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  1. I have been an RN on a med-surg floor for 2 years now and I am looking to go back to school. I live in northeast MA and work in Boston, 36h/week. Does anyone have recommendations on where I should start/look to go back to school? What programs are the best? and which will still give me the ability to keep on working while I'm in school? Thanks in advance.

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    I went to school in Boston, so I do know of a few good programs. They are all pretty expensive though....Simmons, Mass General Institute of Health Professions, and Northeastern all have great masters programs in Nursing. I myself am applying to UMASS Worcester Grad School of Nursing in the traditional masters pathway for sept 08 admission. They have a great program too, but it sounds like you want something in the Boston area. I don't know if I'll even get in, b/c unlike you with 2 years background in nursing, I've only been working as a nurse for 2 months.
    GOOD LUCK!!! also all these programs have part-time options if you need to work while in school
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