Bilingual Nurses!

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    Hello, and good day. I am wondering if there is a demand for bilingual nurses in the Boston area. Someone who is fluent in English, Spanish & Italian.I am not sure whether anyone can possibly know this, but I thought I'd ask.

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    IMO, given the shifting demographics of the US population, there's a demand for bilingual nurses (especially English/Spanish) almost everywhere. I imagine it would be higher in suburban areas/the big cities along the East Coast.

    However, in terms of job hunting prospects...being bilingual is a big plus, but keep in mind there's lots of bilingual nurses out there looking for work, so don't rely solely on your language skills to get the job.

    Good luck!
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    Spanish most definitely. I have worked as a nurse in Boston for 5 years and have only had one patient who spoke Italian.

    In Boston, you will find demand for people who speak: Spanish, French/Haitian Creole, Vietnamese, Cape Verdean Creole, Portuguese among other languages. Some communities in the suburbs have large Russian populations. Being multilingual can only help you!

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