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  1. 0 Hi! This is my first post on these boards. I am currently finishing up my last pre-req before applying to BCC and CCRI for Fall 2011. For those of you who have been accepted to BCC, can you give me an idea of your GPA and TEAS scores? I'm trying to figure out where I stand as far as being accepted into the program.

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    Which BCC are you talking about, there are at least two nursing programs that go by that name, if its Berkshire community college, I could help you out there?
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    Sorry! I meant Bristol Community College in Fall River.
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    I am finishing up my first semester at BCC (Bristol Community College).. I had a 3.94 GPA and an 89.4% on the TEAS. I had completed 6 of the 10 core courses before starting this semester but only 4 of the 10 when I applied. Good luck!!!