Is anyone else going to Elms College in the fall as a freshman?

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    I got into Elms College nursing program in Chicopee MA and I am hoping as long as financial aid goes through well that I will join the class of 2017 in the fall. If anyone else is planning to go or knows anything about the program I would love to hear it all!!!!



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    Moved to the Massachusetts State Nursing Programs forum.
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    Hey Danielle,

    I will be a returning Sophomore at Elms, in the Nursing Program. The nursing program is really good at Elms and provides you with a lot of information. For your first year the most intense class you'll have for the fall is Anatomy and Physiology. By the time spring comes around things will get more intense with more in depth Nursing classes. I survived my first year, it really wasn't all that bad when I look back at it.


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