Anyone Apply to Quincy College for Fall '13? Anyone Apply to Quincy College for Fall '13? | allnurses

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Anyone Apply to Quincy College for Fall '13?

  1. 0 Hi,

    Just wanted to see if anyone applied to the full-time ADN program for Fall '13 at Quincy College? I applied yesterday, but was wondering what TEAS scores and prereq grades others have.

    I took the TEAS V yesterday and scored 79.3% and was placed in Advanced.
    I have 4.0 GPA in my prereqs, that were all taken at QC.
    Also, I just graduated from there with an AS in Natural Science with a 3.97 GPA.

    I am hoping those will be good enough to get me in since I don't have any healthcare experience and I know they take that into consideration as well.

    Anyone else?