any easy to get lpn jobs in the boston area?

  1. 0 Wondering if anyone has knowledge of any places that hire quickly in the area.

    I have been working in addiction medicine for the past six years. 3 years at an inpatient detox, 3 years at a methadone clinic before that, then job jumping after burning out after getting 1 year of geriatrics experience.

    The one year of geriatrics experience was at a nursing home referred to as a third world nursing home (4 directors of nursing cycled through in 11 months) surviving as long should speak tons for me, but it's all in parsing terms in a job interview.

    So upon rallying my confidence after being laid off at a job I held for 3 years am hitting the job hunt hard with a fear of burning my bridges before I even cross them. I have the issue of being over honest.
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