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  1. Is anyone employed by an agency? I have used a few in the MA area, but not happy with current agency. Pay rates have dropped, insurance not being convered, shifts not available. I am In southeastern MA area. I dont' want to go staff because I need the flexibility that the agency provides. Please Help!!!!
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  3. by   jackieprov
    Do you by any chance work for MSN? That's happened to me in the RI and CT areas. They sent out letters to their staff giving pay cuts, etc.
    I can recommend Nursefinders if you're interested. They have an office located in Providence, RI. They cover all of southeastern MA as well as RI. The staffing coordinators are great and they have the highest pay rates around, not to mention wonderful benefits and bonuses.
    I have recently stopped working for MSN and now work full time through Nursefinders. You could try giving them a call, I'm sure they can help you.. their number is 866-244-2035.
    Good luck!!
  4. by   AnteyEmm
    Jackieprov: No missed payroll?? bonuses???....... sounds to good to be true! do they do per diem shifts??? not looking for full time, just to suppliment income. Is it only nursing home work or do they have hospitals? home care?
  5. by   jackieprov
    Hey AnteyEmm,
    They do perdiem in hospitals and nursing homes. You can pick and choose when and where you want to work and they'll assign you.
    I don't think they've ever done homecare though.
  6. by   boopchick

    Check out favorite nurses. They have offices in worcester and boston. No problem getting shifts and the pay is good. Insurance is available.
  7. by   jackieprov
    Hi boopchick..thanks for the info. One thing I know about Favorite Nurses though is that they ghost book their nurses, I have a friend who is their branch director. That's been their policy for 10+ years. They tell the nurses they are booked, and it's the responsibility of the nurse to check in 2 hours before their shift to see if they're still booked, moved to another facility or cancelled.
    That's not something I would prefer to do personally since I would rather know in advance that I was cancelled and nothing else was found, since then I could check with the other agency I work for to see if they have anything.
    I'm glad you're happy with Favorite Nurses. I know they have an office in Providence also.

  8. by   muffylpn
    I have worked for both favorite and nurse finders-in my
    opinion unless you are willing to work 32-40hrs or every
    weekend you get bumped alot. I only worked 1-2 days
    a week and was always getting bumped. I know this
    because they offered my friends the shifts. Like the other
    posts said try PD hospital or NH- they rarely make you stick
    to the weekend committments
  9. by   karenne40
    annteemm..I only do agency work and love the flexibility, higher pay,and not getting involved with any paperwork. Now I don't need benefits but should I in the future I would rather work an extra shift a week which would pay for ins. and more. I've noticed that it dies (lots of cancelllation) between Oct-Feb. The jobs are not as plentiful but if you are flexible with days, hours anf facilities you won't have a problem
  10. by   colter517
    I work for Smart Nursing out of Foxboro. I have been there for almost 4 years. They pay well and I have never had a problem with getting my pay cut?? Their # is 508-698-9988. Their office is in Foxboro but I live just about on the cape and they get me shifts near home.