What color scrubs to Hopkins nurses wear? What color scrubs to Hopkins nurses wear? | allnurses

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What color scrubs to Hopkins nurses wear?

  1. 0 I know, it seems totally silly, but it's one of the last few things I wanted to purchase before I start work there on the 28th. I was so focused during my share time, that I didn't even begin to notice what the RN's were wearing. Does anyone know...anyone, anyone....Beuller???
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    It depends on the floor. Meyer 9, the RNs all wear navy. I am not aware that any other floor has set colors. This will supposedly change in April when the new buildings open and everyone will have uniforms. The color will depend on your position but you will have to buy them through the hospital as they will have the Hopkins logo embroidered on it.
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    Oh, ok thanks for the info. It is the CSICU.