University of Maryland Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Program

  1. Hi. Does anyone have any information on University of Maryland's Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. Just read the post about how competitive the fnp program was. Are there any students, or graduates of the program out there?
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  3. by   Rook
    Well you probably need psychatric RN exp I'm guessing. For interviews for either school/work I bring copies of my performance evaluations. They supposedly mean nothing b/c they are copies and your job will only say "yes that person works here" but I think they help.
  4. by   Jules A
    From what I have heard they do not require psychiatric RN experience.
  5. by   futureoriented
    Thank you for your responses. According to the admissions department, they will consider applications while you are completing your final semester in a BSN program. However I do have acute care psychiatric experience as a well seasoned LPN. Just wondering if the seats are as competitive as the FNP seats.

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