Union Hospital-Elkton

  1. Can anyone tell me about working conditions, pay, and benefits at Union Hospital in Elkton? I am especially interested in the ER.
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  3. by   MelodyRNurse
    I don't know much, but I am interested in this hospital and have applied to med-surg. I know its small, I don't know what level, but I'm positive its no level 1 ER. Its a small hospital and from personal experience, as a patient, the staff at the ER are fantastic. The last I saw, and it was on this website, was that the starting rate around $24.00 an hour and I think thats for new nurses. I also saw a post that said the benefits are great if you are a MD resident. Check out the PA and DE forums because that is were I got responses. Maybe plug in Union in the custom search and they will come up.
  4. by   calibishi
    new grad salary starts at 25.58. they are trying hard to change their image and improve retention but are still very short staff so orientation is all they make it out to be. i.e charge nurse as your preceptor 90% of the time.