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UMSON admission

  1. 0 Hi quick question.
    I was just wondering how hard it is to get into UMSON... can you get in with an overall gpa of about 3.2 (i have a lot of classes) and science gpa of about 3.74. i scored in the 99th percentile in the teas...Any one went to the school? I am applying for the spring of 2012 i really want to get in..

    I have volunteer work and tutor for physiology do you think this would help in my application? Can you please give me some tips anything would be very helpful
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    which UM is this? Maryland? you might want to ask in the states forums for the right state although I'd probably email the school in question.

    For my undergrad, I have an overall gpa of 3.0 but then again, I have 350 credits for undergrad and the first couple years were a bit rough My MS GPA is 3.93 though so I'm hoping that balances me out.
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    if we were talking about University of Maryland, Baltimore here - there are a few threads - it is not just about the grades it is the whole person/package - they are not kidding about that!