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UMB Prerequisites

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    Has anyone have a problem with having online prerequisite courses (i.e. Chemistry w/lab, A&P I/II w/lab, Microbiology w/lab) being accepted by University of Maryland School of Nursing?
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    My transcript from AACC doesn't indicate if my classes were online or in a classroom. Although, all of my lab courses were in a classroom (except chemistry lecture).
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    thanks. I will keep that in mind when the time comes. I will still continue taking classes online.
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    UMB told me that my science classes that have a lab cannot be online classes (Micro, A+P, etc). If you take a pre-req at a local school, they may have difficulty finding out but if your pre-req is at an out of state school, they may question it.
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    What if the lab is a classroom, but lecture is online?
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    I'd probably ask but guessing that is fine. That is how Montgomery college does their online sciences.
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    I'm not sure how they would know- none of my transcripts indicate if they're online or traditional classroom. Oh well… no big deal.