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Towson Fall 2013

  1. 0 I was accepted into Towson's nursing program for fall 2013, I'm so excited! I wanted to start a thread for anyone else accepted into Towson this fall or anyone who went there and could give me any advice before I start!
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    Wow, you've already found out?! That's great! I currently am in my 1st semester there and it's pretty hectic . No need to sugar coat it! I am much older than the class AND have three children, so it's a bit different for me

    If you want to talk, email ( or PM me!

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    Yeahh, I already got my schedule, papers for orientation, and order forms for the scrubs and stethoscope and all. It's getting me excited ha. But I haven't seen anyone else on here going to Towson this fall yet. Thank you, if I have any questions, I'll come to you!
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    I'll be starting at Towson in the fall too! Pretty exciting.
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    Hey all! I'm starting in the fall of 2013 as well. Orientation is coming up! See you there!