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  1. Hey guys. My fiance and i are moving to the Towson, MD area in January 2012 so that he can go to school at Towson for music education. I have my BSN and have been a nurse for 3yrs. i work at a large trauma medical center and in surgical specialties, ortho/plastics/trauma. I am trying to plan financially and i'm wondering what the current pay is for a staff nurse at hospitals in the Towson/Baltimore area? I have seen threads for the area but they are several years old and i'm looking for more current information.

    thanks for any information!
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  3. by   ED_Nurse_in_the_Hood
    If you're interested in ER, Sinai's ER pays around $32 an hour with a couple of years of experience, plus differentials. Can't tell you about anywhere else, as I've never worked anywhere else.
  4. by   ean29
    Critical Care (Cardiac Surgical) as a new grad pays around $27/hr.
  5. by   wanderingRN.
    i live in towson and work in a hospital about 10 mins away. RN with 2 1/2yrs experience 26.80 plus shift diff.
  6. by   BurgerEDRN
    ED Nurse in the Hood-

    I currently work in an ER in Rockville but relocated when I got married to Westminster and am looking for hospitals in Baltimore for a quicker commute. I am interested in Sinai and was wondering if you can give me any insight into their ER-7 and trauma center?