1. hi everyone I just moved to the state of maryland and am looking to move to towson. Any thoughts or views on the area. Recently just took a job right outside of towson and was hoping it was a decent area. Any thought would be appreciated. Thank you
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  3. by   live learn grow
    Towson is congested yet a pretty good area. I am from Baltimore and have lived in a few surrounding counties such as Towson, Rosedale, Windsor Mill and Howard cty. I personally believe that crime is everywhere as long as you use common sense you will be okay. :spin:
  4. by   wanderingRN.
    *bump...Come on guys no one else has any input!?
  5. by   Gaelros
    Where are you working in Towson? Or...what area of Towson are you looking in? I live in the area and might be able to shed some light.
  6. by   wanderingRN.
    near the circle in an apartment complex of off washington and Susquehanna ....

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