Sinai Hospital in Baltimore

  1. Has anyone worked for Sinai or Lifebridge Health? I just got a call for an interview. While my current position pays well and has a lot of perks, the commute is killing me (an hour each way, 5 days a week) and is costing a fortune. If anyone has any insights as to how well they pay and what they are like to work for, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!!
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  3. by   Sugar Magnolia
    I'd love to know, too. Anyone?
  4. by   MissM472
    Anyone have an answer to this question?
  5. by   AutumnJ
    I'm not sure how helpful this will be but, I have some experience with Sinai.
    I am currently an Oral Surgery Assistant, and a nursing student.
    My office does outpatient oral surgery at Sinai in the main OR and the CDC.
    I coordinate all of our procedures at Sinai as well as assist in surgery.

    Overall it seems like a nice environment to work.
    I can't speak anything of their benefits since my paycheck is not from Lifebridge but I have noticed that they advertise a bonus for their current employees who recommend/recruit new BSN's. I believe the advertisement was $10,000 upon hire. It may have been ED-ICU specific, not really sure but it seemed like a great incentive!
    The CDC seems great! All of the nurses in that unit have been there for a long time, and seem quite happy.
    The OR is a much more tense environment, as expected, but not negative.

    The only critiques that I have as an outside coordinator is there doesn't seem to be much fluency between departments and the "system" as a whole. Trying to get one department of the hospital to coordinate with another seem impossible most times. Their pre-anesthesia department is a headache. And I get lost every time I try to go to the badging department or occupational health (but that's my own problem!)

    As a nursing student, it would not be my first choice for employment when I graduate. I would consider it an option, and not a bad one! Just not a top choice. But what do I know, I'm only a student.

    Good luck!
  6. by   SweetPotatoes
    Bumping this thread again--anyone have any information on working for Sinai, their benefits/pay, the quality of worklife, etc?