Renewal of Maryland RN license.

  1. I have licenses in Maryland, Pennsylvania and Florida. The FL and PA renewals are easy; every 2 years online. Unfortunately, I let the Maryland one lapse; should have renewed it a year and a half ago. I thought I could do it online again, but no. Also, now the state is requiring fingerprints and background checks again since June, 2010. I did all that in 2008 when I first got it.

    After I get the fingerprints and BGC, am I then able to renew online? I can't seem to find that answer in the many pages I have read on the MBON website. I have tried to call the MBON office and no one ever answers. I have had the PA license for a long time, but they are not part of the nursing compact states. It seems that FL is part of the compact states, but the chart on that website does not indicate reciprocity between FL and MD.

    I had fingerprints and BGC done in PA in 2009 for another job. Does that transfer?

    If anyone knows how this works, your help would be appreciated. I am so sorry I let this fall through the cracks!

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