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    Hi Guys,

    Does any one know what does Practicum mean in a particular area? Is it same as clinical rotations?

    I applied for JH new grad and their requirement is practicum, I am not sure what exactly that is...

    Any help would be great.. because I did see couple of other openings at other places with that requirement..

    Thanks in advance

    New Grad RN

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    The definition of practicum will depend on the hospital. From what I was told by Hopkins, you must have done a related senior practicum in the desired type of unit. For instance, I did a clinical rotation in the ICU, but it DOESN'T count toward the hours required by the unit, it must be from my senior practicum / preceptorship.

    Some hospitals do count your clinical hours as time in a related unit, it just depends on what they are looking for. Best bet is to give the recruiters a call, the ones at Hopkins are extremely helpful.

    Good luck!
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    It usually means the same as "clinical rotation". They might instead be referring to a preceptorship. I would call and ask for clarification.
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    Thank you so much guys. I will definately give them a call...I asked my clinical instructor, she told me the same thing (to ask the recruiter).

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