PN Nclex/exit exam study group

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    Good evening all! I am trying to start a study group of any one who lives in MD to do a NCLEX PN/exit exam study group. I really feel like it will benefit me more if I study with someone else instead of studying alone. Anyone interested please PM me or reply to this mesage.
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    Hi, Best of luck for NCLEX .. What school did you go for LPN since I'm planning to apply around Maryland area? There is not much school for lpn program..

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    I went to Comprehensive Health Academy on Bladensburg Rd. Its a challenging program but its worth it!
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    Hi mamagryl, hope you doing great. I would like to start CHA this September and have read a lot of your post here about the school. I would need some information about the entrance exams and more especially about the school.. Pls reply thank you