Part-time ADN program at AACC

  1. 0 I'm going back to school for a second degree and I'm looking for a part-time associate's degree program. Has anyone gone to Anne Arundel Community College on a part-time basis?
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    i graduated from the AACC program last May - it took me 3 years b/c i had some prerequisite courses to take, which i took part-time from summer to summer then i started the actual nursing courses- at the time that i went through the RN program part-time was not an option, so i went to school, labs and clinical full-time and worked part-time up until the end of the 3rd semester and through the rest of the program. i thought 1st and 3rd semesters were the most difficult. 1st b/c i was just getting the hang of everything and 3rd b/c of the content and the increased time spent in clinicals - i think my class (class of 05} was the last to go through the program as it was - i believe going forward you guys have more scheduling options

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