Need help!!!any schools in maryland accept transferred nursing classes?

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    I was in the LPN nursing program at Howard Comm College, got into the last class this past summer and failed by 3 points....DEVASTATED!!!Has anyone ever failed out of a nursing program and re-entered into another one and if so were your nursing classes transferrable? Are there any schools in Maryland that transfer nursing classes?
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    To the best of my knowledge nursing schools rarely, if ever, take transfer credits for actual nursing classes. Your best be would probably be to reapply at HCC. Good luck.
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    My suggestion would be to speak with several colleges public and private, explain your situation and ask for admittance. Some may ask you to take a test. I had someone addmitted to our class after the class began and in the last semester. Good Luck
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    What school do you attend?
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    I believe you would have to reapply to a nursing program either at HCC or somewhere else may admit you.
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    My mother's friend has a daughter who was studying nursing at AACC. Apparently she failed out of AACC in her last semester and was able to start at CCBC midway through their program.