Maryland pay scale...please help

  1. Hello fellow RNs,
    I am currently living in LA and trying to decide if it is financially possible to return to my home town of Baltimore. I haven't worked in MD for about 5 years so I am totally out of the loop. I know I will take a pay cut, but am trying to figure out how much exactly. I have 5-6 years of RN experience and would love to get some idea of what hospitals in Baltimore are paying these days.
    Thanks everyone!!
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  3. by   MissBrittanyRN
    I don't know specific salaries. I tried to start a thread for new grads to post what they knew about salaries, but didn't get many participants. Of course, that would be different than an experienced nurse, but could have given you something to go on. Anyway, from my understanding, DC generally pays more than Baltimore, based on conversations with travel nurses in the past. Just something to look into, as the cities are not too far from each other, especially if you are going to be living somewhere in between the two.