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    Hi to all!

    OK- this might be a long shot, but is anyone JUST trying to apply to the traditional nursing program for Johns Hopkins?

    This is for people who DO NOT have a bachelor's degree.

    Please let me know thank you!!


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    I am considering applying for the traditional program. Does anyone know what is the average undergraduate gpa for those who were accepted into the traditional program?
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    I thought about itů until I saw the $35K price tag! Best of luck to you- it's a GREAT program!
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    I would love some more information about the traditional program as well. I am currently at a community college finishing my pre reqs but I only see students applying to the bsn/msn program. It's hard to find out more information for students without a bachelors degree. I want to apply to johns hopkins but the information i have been finding is pretty limited.
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    Sorry to say, but Hopkins has stopped offering a traditional 2 year program. The current traditional class will be the last class.

    It looks like they are focusing on second degree (accelerated) and graduate level degrees.

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