Johns Hopkins new grad 2011 Qn

  1. 0 Hi Guys,

    I applied to the new graduate RN opening at JH. I received an email back, that they are only considering candidates with Pediatric/Adolescent Psych Practicum. What does it mean? Does it mean our clinical experience with Peds Psych Rotation?

    Any reply would be much help...

    Thanks in advance!
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    A practicum is usually your last semester clinical. I am graduating from Maryland this May and our practicum is 180 hours during the last semester at one hospital on one specific unit. You are one on one with an RN who is your preceptor. Instead of a usual clinical where your are in a group with other students and an instructor from your school, a practicum is something you attend by yourself (w/o other students from your school). I hope this helps some.
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    Thanks newgrad2011!

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