Job Application Placed on Hold

  1. Hi everyone
    I am going to be a new grad. in May and have begun applying for various positions around the area. I recently found a position that seemed too good to be true at Howard County General Hospital in the RN Fellowship on the L&D unit. I applied a little over a week ago and still have not heard anything. I have been checking the status of my application online everyday. Today my status changed from "Thank you, we received your application." To "Your application has been placed on hold, and will be considered for future vacancies. You will only be contacted if we are interested in an interview."
    I was wondering if anyone else has applied, received this message and was later called for an interview? I know the job market is not great right now and at this point I am thinking they have already picked who they will interview, but I thought I would ask anyway. Also, I would call and ask to speak to the Nursing Recruiter, but they make it clear that they do not accept calls about the status of an application.
    Any advice is appreciated!
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