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  1. 0 Does anyone work at FMH or know anyone that works there? I will be moving to the area after graduation and I am curious to know how nurses like the hospital. I didn't get good reactions to it when local folks asked me where I was looking into working once I make the move there. Thanks!
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    Hi, I haven't personally worked at Federick Memorial but have friend who does and she's pretty happy. Are you committed to moving to Frederick? If you move further down in Montgomery County there are a lot more options (Shady Grove, WRNMMC, Suburban, Holy Cross just to name a few) available. The down side is the traffic is much worse and the housing much more expensive. Congratulations on graduation!
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    Have you considered going north to Hagerstown? I know nurses that live in Frederick and travel to Meritus to work. They say commute is about 1/2 hour.

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