Facilities that hire new grads with LPN license

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    Just wanted to know if anyone knew of facilities that hired new grads with their LPN license. I live in the PGC area but I am very willing to travel outside of this area. Any and all leads would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks :-)

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    Do you mean a new grad RN that has an LPN license (and worked as an LPN), or do you mean as a new grad LPN?
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    A new grad LPN.
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    Definitely check back with any of the facilities where you did clinicals and may have made a good impression. I also recommend putting on the business suit and taking a resume in person to LTC facilities that you might be interested in because they are still where a majority of LPNs are utilized. Good luck.
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    Do you have any experience as a tech or CNA? It looks like most hospitals require at least a year's experience. I think Jules gave great advice...good luck!

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