Commuting in Traffic Time??

  1. 0 Wondering if anyone can tell me how much time I can spend in a commute from Hyattsville to Shady Grove...I have looked it up on the map...but maps are hard to tell! I know the DC area has a tough traffic commute, but I am used to it; coming from another big city...
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    I can't tell you it will be exactly x amount of time, but I would always leave about 10-15 early just because Montgomery County is such a highly populated area.
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    Do a dry run during the times you would be making the drive. You can always get a burger on the other end of the trip to further justify the extra effort.
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    Well, good news, for part of it, you'd be going against traffic if you are commuting at normal times. 270 is busy going south in the morning and busy going north in the evening. Also, since it is summer now, it isn't the best gauge of traffic but it'll give you an idea. Every summer, I relax as traffic gets lighter then in late August/September, I'm brought back to reality as it seems traffic doubles.

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