Chamberlain for RN to BSN?

  1. Does anyone know anything about the program through Chamberlain? Anyone get their BSN there? I was going to do the RN to BSN thru UMBON but a few friends have suggested Chamberlain is shorter and doesn't require the 4 credit chem class, which just happens to be the only class I still need. Thanks!
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  3. by   colesedwards
    I was accepted and was about to begin but its so expensive I have put it off. It is about 500 bucks a credit and would total about 18,000 dollars for the year it would take for me to get the degree. There are no pay raises or any differential for getting your BSN at the current hospital I am at. I am looking to transfer to another hospital within the same group and they have raises that are linked to education advancement and years of experience. I think the program would have been good but it would take about 4 years for me to recoup that amount of money for the output. I think if you are going to do that, with such an expensive school it might be more worth it to go for your MSN instead? Good luck