CCBC/Towson A.T.M. Program

  1. Is anyone planning on applying or currently enrolled in the Associates to Masters in Nursing Education offered by CCBC and Towson University? I am planning on applying next August for the Spring 2013 program.

    I've talked to Gwen and some others at CCBC but no one knows any information about a Fall Information Session or anything. Just wondering if anyone had experience with this being a good program so far...

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  3. by   taf1
    I applied to the atm program for this Spring 2013 and had my interview on September 27th. Does anyone know when decisions will go out?
  4. by   rngraduate2014
    I believe the program you are talking about is the RN ATB (associate to bacculate).
  5. by   taf1
    No, it is an associates to master program. You must have a bachelors already to apply to the program. You receive an AA degree from CCBC and then MSN from Towson University.