CCBC MD Nursing Spring 2013

  1. 0 Hi! Has anyone here applied to CCBC MD Nursing program for Spring of 2013? I have seen so many threads from past applicants but nothing for Spring 2013. We need a support group!
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    hello. i recently applied. but dont think my teas is high enough to get in
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    Moved to the Maryland State Nursing Programs forum.
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    I got my acceptance letter Oct. 27 I will be in CCBC Essex campus for Spring 2013.
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    Hi. I made it into the Catonsville RN program for spring of 2013.
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    Hello! I hope you got in! I applied to the ccbc catonsville. I accepted my seat for spring 2013 Does anyone know if RN classes are offered over the summer?Also, does anyone else whom has applied to ccbc nursing already have a bachelors degree?

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