ccbc fall 2010 evening/weekend

  1. 0 Trying to get in touch with others that have been accepted into the fall 2010 evening/weekend program at the essex campus. Please reply.
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    Hi there!

    Congrats on getting into to the program. I was accepted in to the Essex day program. We have a thread going here: and there are some evening/weekend people who have posted there.

    Hope that helps!
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    Hey there!
    I was accepted into the evening/weekend program as well. I expect that you are as excited as I am to start?! What dosage course did you register for?
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    So we have probably seen each other by now since we had orientation. My name is Sarah. I saw your facebook pic so I will introduce myself next time we have class. I have two daughters as well. Are you familiar with any daycares in the area? I need one for Saturdays.
    Sarah Matthews

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