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BSN program with 3.4 GPA

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    I went to HCC while in high school and completed 19 credits with a 4.0. I also have two AP credits for a total of 25 as an incoming freshman.

    I just finished my first semester at UMD with a GPA of 3.45. They don't calculate in my previous 4.0, so my transcripts from UMD say 3.45

    Are there any nursing programs you would suggest for me? I will be done with my prerequisites after this spring semester. ( I still need Stats, chem, micro and anatom 2)

    I would like to go out of state, but money is an issue and my FASFA doesn't show any financial need, despite my not having money for school lol
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    Shouldn't the nursing program look at all your credits to calculate GPA? Especially if some of those classes are prerequisite courses.
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    Towson, University of Maryland (School of Nursing in Baltimore), Salisbury, Stevenson, Notre Dame, Coppin, Morgan & Hopkins. I would apply to most if not all of them.