BCCC Fall 2012

  1. 1 I just got my acceptance letter to the program I am an official Nursing student
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    Hey rngraduate2014!! I received mine today as well! Congrats! See you this Fall!
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    Congratulations to you as well and see you May 21 @orientation
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    Congrats to you all!!!
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    @rngraduate2014..congrats dear...
    which program were you accepted into?

    I got into into CarrollCC Nursing program for Fall 2012!
    I'm over excited!!!!!
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    I actually also was accepted into that program but I'm accepting the seat for BCCC congratulations to you also and I pray for a successful academic year
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    good luck! I am taking my final at BCCC on Monday for Med/Surg
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    Good luck patty554 I can't wait to start I am sooooo excited
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