Accelerated Nursing Program at Coppin State

  1. Hey,
    Does anything know about this new accelerated program? Any info would be great. Thanks!
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  3. by   nursefelly
    I came to this thread wondering the same thing. Seeing that there have been 76 views and no responses, my guess it not many people know much about it. Are you currently applying for the Accelerated BSN for Fall 2013?
  4. by   MoT88
    I keep checking for any info too and no replies ! I applied to the second degree accelerated BSN..I think it's still kinda brand new
  5. by   nursefelly
    MoT88, I recommend doing at least one follow up call. It'll make them more familiar with your name (which is always a good thing) but that way you can be sure that they do in fact have all the materials they needed.
  6. by   MoT88
    Thnx nursefelly..I actually called on Thursday and spoke to the admissions director/counselor for the accelerated 2nd degree, he was very nice and eased my mind. He said that invites for interviews would go out within the next 2 wks..I found out that I got into harford's accelerated e/w program so I'm tryin to be patient and wait on the other schools..

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