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    I'm taking my TEAS test this week and applying for the fall 2012 RN semester but I'm worried that it's too late to make it in. Or if theres even any spots available. I'm just curious if anyone has ever applied this late like July or August of a semester and still gotten into the program in the fall. I'd be happy just to make it in really, regardless of semester but I'd prefer to get started asap. Thanks for any feedback!

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    It all depends on the school(s) you're applying to and their deadlines. I was supposed to take the TEAS this past Saturday (7/21) but spent the week before in the hospital with kidney stones, had surgery and recovery and felt totally not prepared for it so I re-scheduled it for 8/15. According to my advisor, once I pass I can still be interviewed and start my general classes on 8/27 with a starting date of 8/2013 for the nursing portion which could also be as early as 5/2013. I would check with the school you're planning to attend. All programs vary.
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    Oh! And good luck on the TEAS!

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