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  1. 0 Who's applying to AACC nursing for fall 2010? I just want to know what's your GPA and do you think youll get in. I'm trying to get a rough estimate of the average gpa for the fall recipients.
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    I applied for the fall
    GPA 3.88
    i also completed my bachelors this past summer.
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    What happened? I just submitted my app, I have a 3.62
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    I have just over a 3.5.
    I previously earned 2 degrees from AACC. I talked with a women at the front desk in the health professions office and she gave the impression that they first look at the GPA of your prerequisite nursing grades, then your completion of the chemistry requirement, and then residency. After all that they examine your overall GPA. Now this woman isn't responsible for admissions so I don't know how correct this information is but it made sense to me at the time.

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