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  1. 0 Does anyone know what the average gpa is to get into the Nursing program at AACC? I have around a 3.3-3.4 but im not sure if thats good enough. Also, when is class and clinicals and how long do they last? Will i still be able to keep my job?
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    Just curious to know if you ended up getting in... I'm applying for this fall and I've heard everything from 2.7 up to 3.7 for the GPA cutoff. The staff at the school seems pretty tight-lipped about it.

    In any case, I hope you made it!
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    I think that it requires a minimum of 3.2 as of this fall. My class, graduating in 2012 had an average of 3.6. As far as keeping a job, I would not advise against working fulltime as the course work is very challenging.
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    I just got accepted a few weeks ago, the cut off was 3.4
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    Hey im back and yes i made it in. I will be starting the second semester in the fall. Congrats to u both the first semester is pretty tough. Study hard especially for Nur 120 because thats the toughest class and it only gets harder from there...good luck!!