Wuz my brothers from different mothers. Wuz my brothers from different mothers. | allnurses

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Wuz my brothers from different mothers.

  1. 0 Hello all.

    How are you all, I hope you are all well.

    Well I am definately counting down the days 15 working days in fact until I leave my job and start my degree in Adult nursing. And guess what i think it is probably the best decison i have ever made.

    Ok i wont deny the fact it has been a roller coaster ride of emotions from the day i applied to where i am now. I have been extremely worried about being excepted, can i really afford it and do i want to give up my 30,000 a job to become a student again. And the answere to all of the above is yes, I am extremely happy i have made this decison and i cant wait to start my course. I have encountered lots of different people along the way also, people who think yes you would be a great nurse to your a bloke so you must Gay. But i have learnt to ignore the doubters and press on with what i think will be perfect for myself and how i would like to live and work.

    SO this is a BIG shout out to you all, Grasp your dreams and hang on because it may be a rough ride. but sometimes the best things come out of a rough ride if you know what i mean.