UTMB Bacc2 Spring 2012 -- HOUSING

  1. i was just accepted today into the utmb bacc2 spring 2012 accelerated nursing program! with that being said, i will need to move to galveston and find housing. i wanted to start a thread for students looking for housing. i am a male student and preferably would like to find a male roommate, but honestly it doesn't really matter. let's be honest, we will all be working our freaking tails off to excel in this program!

    email me at clintgebert@yahoo.com if you are interested in possibly being roommates for the upcoming semester in galveston, or maybe even texas city or la marque!

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  3. by   houstonguy19
    hello i just got accepted to the utmb traditional program. I'm also looking for housing in Gtown. I just sent my reservation request for the dorms. I'm not sure how the placement goes in the nursing school. I've read of an all female nursing school dormitory but no male nursing school dorms... I'm coming from Houston and am not really familar with gtown.